Healthcare to the Hut

The challenge that the vast majority of India's rural population face is accessing affordable quality healthcare. To help end this discrepancy in the availability of healthcare services, Honda 2Wheelers initiated a flagship project “Healthcare to Hut”. This project aims to conduct essential medical tests such as Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Blood Haemoglobin, Heart rate, Routine blood grouping, Pulse Oxymetry, Body Mass Index and Typhoid, Malaria, Syphilis and ECG free of cost for poor villagers. It also provides Ante Natal Care (ANC) to pregnant women under the supervision of women doctors and supervisions.

This project provides benefits to its beneficiaries in case of emergencies by pre-identifying blood groups if a sudden need for blood transfusion arises, or by pre-identifying beneficiaries who are at risk of developing diseases like hypertension and diabetes.

Recommendations for improving lifestyle changes at an early stage helps beneficiaries become more aware of their problems and how to help improve their health. The health records of the examined villagers are maintained and are shared with Government health authorities for further reference.